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somethings looking for a better life, better economy. promises made during the revolution. it never came through. the violence has decreased. nothing what we saw over the weekend. but you have people here defying the president's declaration of a curfew and emergency rule where we are in port said. the curfew is technically supposed to go in place in a few hours. but people have told the president, we know there is a curfew. we are protesting anyway. clearly defying him. >> who is in control on the streets? when you look at the pictures you say there is good news that the violence isn't what it was. is there a sense they will continue between the government and protesters that's playing out? lost the signal. we're going to try to get back to him as soon as we can. the turmoil in egypt. real concern for hillary clinton. she talked to cnn about those challenges and what she thinks egypt's struggling new government needs to do. >> it's difficult going from a closed regime and essentially one man rule to a democracy that's trying to be born and learn to walk. there are clear lessons. you have
the end. that's for sure. >> oh, yeah. >> john berman, many thanks to you. >>> let's turn to the economy and new and encouraging signs this rng mmorning, more evidenc jobs market is recovering, albeit agonizingly slowly. 157,000 jobs were added last month and later this hour, wall street begins the day a little giddy. the dow celebrating its best january gains since 1994, and it all comes on the heels of president obama disbanding his jobs council, a group of business leaders who advised him on the economy. republicans were quick to seize on the news, scoffing at the white house's handling of the council and the economy overall. >> if the white house spent nearly as much time trying to actually fix the economy as it did claiming it was fixed and then finding excuses and sca scape goats when its premature announcements were false i suspected the economy would be better than it is doing here today. >> christine romans, is he right? the unemployment rate is still what, 7.9% now. >> yes, 7.9%, 157,000 jobs created in january. that's modest hiring. that is an economy that is healing still slo
. you know, the average investor is seeing the economy make small improvements. we're seeing improvements in the housing market, consumer spending is going up. i spoke with one trader who was a little concerned that this is an artificial rally system littlit stimulated by the fed. >> you can say we have already been here. but you can say we came from the depths of despair, we're much higher but the thing that will cause people to continue to to be concerned is it still ahead of itself. is there a correction coming because the fed created this -- manufactured this rally. >> but, brooke, you know, think of the stock market as a big old rubber band. as much as it went down in 2009, march of 2009, the low for the dow was 6500, now we're seeing it bounce back almost to 14,000. you know how that is. what goes up, i don't want to say it, brooke. >> darn that economic gravity. alison kosik, thank you very much. we want to keep talking about this. we were thinking why doesn't wall street match what we're seeing on main street. we'll talk about that with steven moore, wall street journ
report, the jobs report was very strong. it showed that 157,000 jobs were added to the economy in january. and sure the number came in a bit soft. what investors were looking at were the stronger revisions higher in november and december for those jobs numbers. so that was encouraging and that really got the dow over that level. but the focus yet today is on dow 14,000 because it's been five years since stocks were at this level and the optimists about this say it shows just how far we've come. >> remember, this? march 1999, the height of the dot com boom, dow hit 14,000 for the first time. >> it was a big deal when we hit 10,000, we gave out hats. these are big psychological levels, they're crescendos. >> fast forward to 2006, the height of the housing boom. dow 12,000. nine months after that, 14,000. but we wouldn't see that threshold again for a long time. the housing market was already crumbling, recession was lurking. now five years later, we're back and the returns staggering. >> reporter: bank stocks buoyed, bounced back. housing stocks through the roof, the rally is driven by you,
reports, 157,000 jobs were added to the economy, but the way wall street sees it, it came in soft. wall street is looking at it at a more broader view, and they are looking at the momentum from november and december, and you are seeing a stronger trend continue, so that's good news obviously. but then again there has been an underlying optimism already in the market, and that's being fueled by the federal reserve. and that's buying up mortgage backed treasury and securities, and that's driving interest rates lower so the best game in town as far as investors see it to make money is here in the stock market, and it's driving investors to the stock market. and what moved the needle, it was the jobs number, and how the next milestone for the dow will be the all-time high, and first we will see if it can hold at 14000 at the close, and then we will see what happens. >> how much confidence do we have in this rally? >> some say not much, and others say stocks are making a comeback and the economy is doing that as well. one well known economist talks about this, and here is what he had to say.
to negotiate a bigger grand bargain, as the president would like to have, that the economy could tilt back into recession, we've seen the stock market go up, encouraging signs of job growth. the president says that could be at risk when you have federal budget cuts, true? >> the cbo, congressional budget office came out with a report ten minutes ago that said the effects of the sequester would retard growth by 1.3 percentage groups. the cbo said, if we get rid of the sequester, we're not going to grow at gang buster rates. yes, the sequester will not be good for the economy but the president, i suspect, will try to do, and definite hawks advising, we can replace the sequester with a smarter strategy that is a more gradual deficit reduction plan. he's going disagree with the republicans on how to do that. he's going to want revenue to be part of it. republicans will say no thank you. >> we'll get the president if a minute and a half. white house gave us a two-minute warning. i would say it's a short-term for the president and the congress not doing what they're supposed to do pass a budget
that the economy is improving. so you can be happy about that. christine romans is here with me. she's smiling, too. one of those good news bad news stories. on your personal economy, you always tell me your business is a business of one, economy of one. that's painful statistics. >> it is. it's a week worth of your life wasted trying to get to work. it's a sign of a strengthening economy, it means you are driving to work more, it means more deliveries are being taken by truck on the roads. and it also means bridges are being fixed, some of those delays are because of infrastructure work. in 2005 you spent 43 hours in the car every year, 2010 dropped to 34 hours. we are back up to 38 hours. that's enough wasted gasoline sitting in traffic costs you 818 bucks a year, as much gas as could fill the superdome four times. dc is the worst which has a growing economy. dc, los angeles, san francisco, new york and boston. those are cities with the worst traffic, this from texas a & m. >> i know everybody is different. everybody has a different commute and that sort of thing. on average, what is the family b
at an all-time high. but, it may not mean a thing for our economy. i'm brooke baldwin. the news is now. >>> a prosecutor gunned down in a parking lot. and now a warning. >> i hope that the people that did this are watching. we're going to find you. we're going to pull you out of whatever hole you're in, and we're going to bring you back. >>> plus, live during this hour, you'll see hillary clinton say good-bye in her last moments as america's top diplomat. >>> and super bowl bets. will alicia keys get booed? will jay-z join his wife at halftime. in vegas, it is all up for grabs. >>> here we go. top of the hour. happy friday to you. i'm brooke baldwin. something is happening today that hasn't happened in more than five years. it is great news for a lot of you, of course, saving for retirement or to save a child for college, for example. the stock market is soaring to levels we really haven't seen since 2007 which is all the way back there. checking out the big board with me, it has been a huge day at this moment, two hours away from the closing bell. we are above that 14,000 mark at 14,0
from its all time high. we'll tell you where it's going like gangbusters while the economy is still limping along. it will provide some insight into what you might want to do with your own hard earned cash. next. oil changes at meineke are always a great deal. then you're going to love this. right now they're only $14.95! wow-a grt deal just got a whole lot better. hurry. $14.95 won't last. >>> investors are going to kick off the week on a high note. the dow jones finished the week above 14,000. the first time that's happened since october 2007. joining me from new york, ken, how are you? the economy is not sparkling, and yet the dow pushed past the 14,000 mark, why? >> there's a couple things, friday is a perfect example. we had that big nonfarm's payroll which everyone was focusing on. it's a number you want to see being positive. what we got was plus 154 which in an odd way saefrs everybody, we're getting a positive number, so that's good. but the number's not good enough for the fed to pull back on stimulus. they're getting it from both ends. they're getting the positive return
. now is the time to do this so we can strengthen our economy and strengthen our country's future. think about it. we define ourselves as a nation of immigrants. that's who we are, in our bones. the promise we see in those who come here from every corner of the globe, that's always been one of our greatest strengths. it keeps our workforce young. it keeps our country on the cutting edge. and it helped build the greatest economic engine the world has ever known. after all, immigrants helped start businesses like google and yahoo. they created entire new industries that created new jobs and new prosperity for our citizens. in recent years, one in four high tech startups in america were founded by immigrants. one in four new small business owners were immigrants including right here in nevada. folks who came here seeking opportunity and now want to share that opportunity with other americans. but we all know that today we have an immigration system that is out of date, and badly broken. a system that is holding us back instead of helping us grow our economy and strengthen our middle class.
. they spent something like 25% to a third of their gdp on their military. a percentage of their economy. some had speculated that one of the reasons they're pursuing a nuclear weapons program, if we have nuclear weapons, we need fewer troops, fewer conventional weapons which are soaking up all this money in their economy. but, you know, in the long run, we don't know -- north cresaw the most closed country in the world. we all have guesses and we've all been wrong in the past but i think one thing that comes from this what we're doing right now isn't working. the sanctions aren't working and we'll have to start talking to them or doing something else to put this on a different path. >> dr. jim walsh, thank you very much for joining us. >> thank you. >>> one of the most infamous monarchs in british history may have been found buried beneath a parking lot in england. we're about to find out if it's the real final resting place of richard iii. >>> plus, there's a new place for you to get parenting news. i'm talking to host kyra phillips about her brand-new show. so if ydead battery,t tire, need
. a state that he carried by more than six points over mitt romney despite an imploding economy there. any guesses who kept that state blue? the president is pitching a comprehensive immigration rewrite that may sound a lot like the senate plan that was unveiled yesterday. however, it will not sound identical. cnn's brianna keilar joins me from the white house now. so will the president propose something completely different than what the senate has already done, and is there a risk of confusing everyone? >> reporter: no, i don't think he'll propose something entirely different from what the senate has done. so far, ashleigh, the white house is welcoming the senate plan. we're expecting that the president will highlight a proposal that's actually been out for almost two years at this point. his blueprint for immigration reform. but when it was put out in 2011, it was seen much more as a statement, i think, ahead of the election more than a genuine push for immigration reform. he didn't really push it forward in any real way. so we're expecting to hear him highlight that, and i will tell yo
on >>> the u.s. business economy shrank in the last quarter, something completely unexpected. alison kosik is at the new york stock exchange with what this means. >> carol, we expected lousy, we certainly didn't expect this lousy and there are three big reasons, the economy contracted or took a step back during october, november and december of last year. for one, government spending plunged and that's mostly because of a pullback in defense spending. also, there were fewer exports. europe is a huge factor in that, just this week, we learned that growth in spain and the uk is also contracting and that means europe is buying less stuff from us. third, business inventories dropped and that means companies bought less stuff from manufacturers to put on their shelves, the fiscal cliff is likely a big factor in this. spending cuts caused a lot of businesses and the government to pull back and this is a big deal, carol because it's the first time since 2009 that we've seen the economy contract. >> all right, alison kosik reporting live from the new york stock exchange. >
' long-term health. ♪ (train horn) vo: wherever our trains go, the economy comes to life. norfolk southern. one line, infinite possibilities. with fancy feast mornings gourmet cat food. (announcer) make mornings special, mornings are delicious protein rich entrees with garden veggies and egg. fancy feast mornings. the best ingredient is love. ♪ shimmy, shimmy chocolate. ♪ shimmy, shimmy chocolate. ♪ we, we chocolate cross over. ♪ yeah, we chocolate cross over. ♪ [ male announcer ] introducing fiber one 80 calorie chocolate cereal. ♪ chocolate. >>> 14 minutes past the hour. 22-year-old man sits at a dallas jail accused of pointing a laser at a police helicopter. according to the "dallas morning news" the man did it to see how far the light would go. you can see the laser beaming to the chopper it from the camera on board. the faa says this happens all the time. last year there were 3,400 incidents reported nationwide. this is dangerous for those flying those helicopters, folks. >>> in omaha, nebraska, sounds more like a scene out of a movie, several manhole covers poppe
. to be honest with you, the fact our economy is not doing well has as much to do with the downturn in illegal crossings as anything else. if she can explain how we missed 2,000 ak-47s going into mexico i'll be a little more open to hearing her argument for having operational control of the border. >> congressman trey gowdy of south carolina, thank you so much for being with us this morning. >> yes, ma'am, thank you. >>> we're learning new information about what may have led to the 34-minute long super bowl blackout. "the new orleans times-picayune" refers to an electrical upgrade back in december may be to blame. intergy disputes that and says there were no power dispute issues during the three events before the super bowl. the new orleans council utility committee will meet friday to further investigate that blackout. >>> super bowl mvp joe flacco getting his own parade at disney world. starting next hour he'll share the spot lot with his nfl teammates. fans are grabbing prime spots to watch the parade due to take place later in baltimore, two hours from now. cnn's rene marsh is already ther
time for the economy. hurricane sandy and the tragedy in newtown. america is looking for answers and hope. tony robins is one of the best guys i can think of to give us both of those things. he's changed lives around the world. he's brought some extraordinary guests with him. welcome back. >> thank you for having me. >> america is hurting now. america feels vulnerable, fearful. you see it because of the gun crisis, the financial crisis. it's a crisis amongst americans. do you feel that and what is the answer? >> there's no single answer. you're not going to change the world overnight, but you can change yourself. and i think the biggest challenge we face is we're not just missing our confidence because we're it of control. we're missing it because we need to retool. the world has changed. most people say you have to deal with change. change is automatic. progress is not. we have to develop more than just self-confidence, we have to have self-discipline and self-control. we're part of a culture that for part of a decade taught people reenforce your kids from whatever they do. you
. with the economy at a standstill, many have the same complaint. [ speaking in a foreign language ] >> all the young want to work but can't find work. unemployed so he fights instead. this man is dismissive of the new generation of elected representatives. [ speaking in a foreign language ] >> reporter: no one represents me, he says. i represent myself. everyone who wants to represent me just wants power. all the parties just want power. elections, elections. in a revolution, there are no elections. the police can rush the protesters, push them back a bit, but they can't chase them away. walls don't stop them. teargas doesn't phase them. during the revolution, political leaders came to tahrir square. these days it is considered too dangerous. politicians no longer come into the streets and the boys in the streets don't want anything to do with the politicians. it was the young in egypt's revolution but the old remain in the corridors of power. those at press conferences trying to mold the future are mostly old men. leaving the young and d disenfranchised with little means other than street battles t
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with tear gas. political divisions, protests, trug strugling economy threaten its future. people are protesting morsi's declaration of a state of emergency and curfew in three provinces. >>> now you can virtually explore one of the most secretive countries in the world thanks to google. detailed maps of north korea. now for the first time. talking about everything from its nuclear facilities to prison labor camps, monuments, and just regular streets. chad meyers here to map it all out for us. that's incredible. think about north korea, i mean it was just blank. the rest of the world you could see, north korea for years blank. >> let me tell you how this happened. citizen cartogrophers went to draw it in. they drew lines, maps, roads and drew locations and now you can, for the first time ever, go to google map -- not talking about -- not earth -- but the map and see where the roads are. you can see how to get places in north korea. this was unheard of it. was a blank spot for a long time. north of the dmz, there was nothing there. there was no there there. >> a road map. >> finall
:00 p.m. on cnn. ♪ (train horn) vo: wherever our trains go, the economy comes to life. norfolk southern. one line, infinite possibilities. [ male announcer ] engine light on? come to meineke now for a free code scan read and you'll money. my choice. my meineke. >>> this case caught our attention. handcuffed, interrogated for six hours at seven years of age. this is what a mother says new york city police officers did to her son because he allegedly -- wait for it -- stole 5 bucks. she was horrified when she saw this image of him at the police precinct. what did she do? took a picture. come to find out, her son didn't do it. her family is suing for $250 million towards actions for false accusations. sunny hostin, on the case with me. they say he stole the $5 but handcuffing a kid, is this even legal? >> you know, it's interesting, brooke. this isn't an isolated incident. this does happen and this isn't something, in my view, that is that unusual and you know what, administrators do call the police and very rarely do kids commit very serious felony crimes. when you protect a chil
heartburn fast. ♪ (train horn) vo: wherever our trains go, the economy comes to life. norfolk southern. one line, infinite possibilities. >>> today, grand central terminal is celebrating its 100th birthday. doesn't look a day over 99. the icon remains one of the busiest train stations in the world, but nothing turns a century old without its share of secrets. our richard roth has more. >> what time is the next train? >> reporter: in north by northwest, cary grant asked a question millions of passengers have posed since the majestic "grant central terminal" opened 100 years ago. each day, 750,000 people pour through grand central. what do you think, grand central, 100 years old? >> i think it's fantastic. >> we love grand central, never looked better. >> there is poetry in this place. it is a worm, inviting place for something as large and cathedral-like. >> reporter: the construction of grand central paved the way for multilevels of track service. and soon the era of luxury train travel arrived. but as plane travel soared and the railways ran into bankruptcy, grand central was nearly demoli
the opposite. recent events in mali and algeria remind us clearly of this. 21st century technologies, economies, threats are bringing the 7 billion citizens closer together than ever before. and as our planet adds another 2 billion people over the next 25 years, the dangers, complications and human demands will not be lessened but rather heightened. despite these challenges, i believe we also have historic opportunities to help build a safer, more prosperous, more secure and more hopeful and just world, than maybe at anytime in the history of man. for all people. yes, the curse of intolerance, hatred exists around the world and we must be clear-eyed about this danger. and we will be. we will not hesitate to use the full force of the military. but we must be smart, and more importantly wise. wise in how we employ all the nation's great power. it will be critically important for our country and the world. while we will not hesitate to act unilaterally when necessary, it is essential that we work closely with allies and partners to enhance america's interests and security, as well as global securi
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Search Results 0 to 44 of about 45 (some duplicates have been removed)